Client Dashboards

The Client Dashboard is a way for your clients to view pending estimates, view invoice and payment history, and easily see what payments are pending and when they're due.

Using the Client Dashboard

A page will automatically be created for you with the shortcode [sprout_invoices_dashboard]. That shortcode will construct "dashboard" consisting of two tables, one for any outstanding estimates and need their action, and an invoice table showing all current and past invoices. An example of the client dashboard is shown below:

client dashboard

How the client accesses their dashboard

Sprout Invoices allows for clients to view their dashboards via two methods:

1) Clients will be greeted with a sign-in form, if not already logged in, before they're able to view the client dashboard page (created automatically for you). The password that they client would use is the individual password associated with their WordPress user.

Note: that all clients should have a WordPress user (or users) associated with them, these users are assigned the Client role. Read more about this here.

client dash sign in

Since clients (or to be more precise, the users) cannot set their password via the dashboard we've included a new notification that's sent when a new client user is created.

user created email

This notification is disabled by default; this is because we suggest you use the private dashboard link.

2)  Each client user has a private dashboard url assigned to them. This private url will allow for your client to easily view their dashboard without going through any login process, very similar to how private urls work for estimates and invoices; the url is unguessable and not indexed by search engines.

The dashboard link can be sent to your clients within your notifications with this shortcode. This link will need to be added, since it will not be added automatically.

dashboard link for notifications

The dashboard link can be found on the client admin page next to the user. See the screenshot below for a detailed location.

Admin dashboard links

How to modify the client dashboard template

Modifying these template is exactly the same as customizing Sprout Invoices templates. The paths are:

  • Main shortcode template - /sa_templates/shortcodes/dashboard.php
  • Estimates section - /sa_templates/section/dashboard-estimates.php
  • Invoices section - /sa_templates/section/dashboard-invoices.php
  • Login form - /sa_templates/section/login-form.php

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