Customizing the Default Theme with a Lite Background

The Default theme may be a bit dark (or too color specific) for your branding so a lighter theme is needed, don't worry it's easy to add a custom stylesheet for Sprout Invoices.

The CSS is embedded below in case you already have a custom stylesheet setup, however if you don't here are the steps to take to add your new custom stylesheet:

  1. Download the CSS below (here's a handy link) and unzip. The file sprout-invoices.css is what you'll need...
  2. Upload that file (sprout-invoices.css) to your (child) theme within a folder named "sa_templates". If that folder doesn't exist you'll need to create it.
  3. Once it's added to that folder Sprout Invoices will automatically use it alongside the theme's main stylesheet(s).

For more details on custom stylesheets, including a way to add a separate stylesheet for each estimates and invoices, please read the customization documentation.

The result should look something like this:

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