Invoice and Estimate Shortcode Embeds

Embeds are intentionally simple:

  1. Find the invoice_id (aka post_id)
  2. Add the appropriate shortcode (invoice or estimate) with the id attribute.
  3. Publish your page (or post).

The shortcodes:

sprout_invoice sprout_estimate

Below is an example of an invoice embed on a standard WordPress page template. The invoice_id (aka post_id) in this example is 13783, it is added to the id attribute of the shortcode...

[sprout_estimate id="13783"]

Invoice Embeded into Page


If you leave the id attribute out of the shortcode than nothing will show, however leaving it blank will allow for an invoice to be viewable based on a query argument in the url. For example:

[sprout_estimate] is used on the page.

The url would load the same invoice shown above.